Chapter 1 of the BIG Announcement

  1. 4 years ago there was a girl who wanted to make a difference in the world. She wanted to use her business skills to help create something sustainable and long lasting in the world. She also wanted to share the Gospel. She found a ministry in Nairobi Kenya- Jacaranda Creations that needed business help and a beautiful relationship was formed.

    She invited her 4 friends to join her and sell product made by Jacaranda at Christmas in Davidson. Armed with 4 friends, 3 suitcases, and 3 fold up tables, she set up a booth at the show. Did they know what they were doing? Nope- they were clueless. But they knew if they didn’t at least try they would not be able to help the ladies of Jacaranda. They set up their booth and truth be known it looked like Africa threw up on a table! They braved the sleet and freezing weather. They told stories and an amazing thing happened! They sold a ton of product and they had a great time! The girl knew they were on to something.

    Stay tuned for Chapter 2 tomorrow....

Answered Prayers

Jacaranda Girls
I was in Nairobi Kenya in January and got a chance to visit "my girls" at Jacaranda Creations. What many of you wouldn’t know is that Jacaranda was the 1st group I ever worked with back in 2010 and they truly were the start of my love affair of working with artisans from 3rd world countries.
Every Monday the Jacaranda leadership team prays over all facets of the ministry. I came in mid-way through prayer. I loved when I walked in and each woman looked up at me and smiled. It was truly as if 2 years had not passed since I last saw them. I jumped in and started praying with them over the ministry. As we finished praying over the lists, I asked them what this one list was for. They said this was what they needed and prayed that God would provide. I asked them what each item was and how much it cost. They told me and then started visiting with me. I said “wait a minute we did not pray over that list.” They stopped talking, started laughing, and said you are right- so we prayed over it. I then told them God hears and answers prayers because He brought The Marketplace here. We would like to grant you guys the sweater iron and various production equipment. There was much celebration in that little room that day. Not only did I get to see my special friends again but I also got an opportunity to bless them.
I want to thank all who shopped The Marketplace in 2013. This would have not been possible without your support. Because of you, we were able to bless Jacaranda Creations with much needed equipment that they otherwise would not be able to afford. The Marketplace…empowering people…changing lives. Seriously, it's that simple!! See More

New Partnership with Create Freedom

Fallen Bark HeartsI could tell you how many people are trafficked in the world and I know what will happen. Because the number is so large, you would feel helpless and would think “what can I possibly do?” I don’t blame you- I feel the same way. But how about if I tell you about 6 ladies in Durban South Africa who you can help?  Now it seems doable, right? What do you need to do to help them? It’s simple- buy their products and tell their story. It is seriously not that much of a sacrifice because their products are so beautiful and unique.

The Marketplace has a new partnership with a Create Freedom.  They are from Durban South Africa. I love that they are not very old; I have a very special place in my heart for the little groups. It’s not enough to rescue people from trafficking, they must be restored and I believe that can only happen with the love of Christ. Create Freedom surrounds the ladies with love AND empowers them through employment. Ok guys- here’s where we come in. Create Freedom can make the most beautiful products in the world but if they don’t have a market the harsh reality is that they will go out of business. What can we do? We can buy a necklace and tell their story. We can buy a keychain and tell their story. We can buy a bracelet and tell their story. Do you see the pattern?

What I love about their products is what they use to make it. All of their products are made out of fallen bark. Many people think fallen bark is useless. I love how Create Freedom “up-cycled” fallen bark and created something beautiful. Isn’t that what God does? He takes us full of sin and brokenness and “up-cycles” us to a beautiful new creation. They have created a line called the Ruth Range named after the biblical woman Ruth. Ruth was known as love so this entire line is based on a heart.

We are so excited to invite Create Freedom to our TMP family. Their new products will be available in about 2 weeks. We will let you know when it’s here!

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