Evolution of The Marketplace


The Evolution of The Marketplace!

September 2012, The Marketplace was born. August 2013, The Marketplace moved across the hall and went from 400 square feet to 1000. July 2014, The Marketplace became its own 501(c)(3) and opened a store in the community.... June 2015, The Rolling Shack, our fashion truck, joined the team. May 2016, The Marketplace designed their 1st Collection with SutiSana in Bolivia. We are just hitting our stride!

In our world, things happen in an 11 month cycle! It has been a crazy adventure. Did we know what we were doing? Absolutely not! We are the poster children of just being obedient and fully trusting God.

As you head into your week, think about what God is asking you to do. Is it big? Are you clueless on how to do it? Are you scared? Then yep- that’s God. Just hop to it and prepare for the craziest adventure of your life!



Mother's Day

She stands by her disabled child, when everyone walks away because he’s “cursed.” Nairobi Kenya

Children are playing and running amongst the tables where the adults are block stamping. Mom keeps a watchful eye out for them as she is working. Rajpur India

A young mom dies of cancer and this grieving father has a new born and doesn’t know what to do. The community of ladies step in and become mom. Bangkok Thailand


A crying mom walks up to a gate and knows she doesn’t want to do it but she has no choice. Her child is starving and she can no longer feed him. She leaves him at the orphanage because here he has food. Simonette Haiti

She doesn’t want to be in this brothel, but she has 5 hungry mouths to feed. El Alto Bolivia

It doesn’t matter what country I am in, I have seen mother’s hearts so big it breaks my mother’s heart. You give tirelessly, endlessly, and selflessly. For all the moms around the world, The Marketplace stands up and applauds you. May God bless everything you put your hands to.

Happy Mother’s Day!


I Saw Hope

I get so excited by our products. Not just because they are beautiful, they are that. But for me, when I look at a necklace, I see a changed life. When hold a new bag, I think about all the hands that touched it. Our stuff doesn’t come from a factory. There are made by people who have names, children, and dreams. They really are not that different from us except they are not given the amazing opportunities that we are give...n here in the US.

A couple of weeks ago, I met Boris with Dunamis. I heard his heart as he shared his ministry. They are working with young girls who have been rescued from trafficking, girls as young as 9. As I looked at the necklaces and bracelets, I saw hope, a way to change a life. The young girls are taught to make jewelry and they are paid.  But Dunamis is so much more than the jewelry they make. They start investing in these young girls and things slowly begin to change. They gain self-worth and confidence. They are taught that they matter.


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