Faith of A Child

We seriously love our young customers. Rachel (pictured on the left) 1st discovered The Marketplace and then she introduced us to her mom, sister, dad, aunt, and her little cousin (pictured on the right). Her older sister is our newest weekly volunteer at the store! She has even written the sweetest letters of encouragement that hang behind our front counter. Folks- she is only 8!! God has spoken to my heart about the young very early on in the life of The Marketplace. Our generation will pave the way, but I believe the younger generation will continue to push for change where there will be greater equality and for the whole world to know who Jesus is! Rachel, thank you- and you rock!!

Moms and The Marketplace


The other day I got the opportunity to speak to a Mom's group. Sure, I was going to tell them about The Marketplace and share stories about traveling to see our artisans. That's easy. What's not easy is having to share a personal story and telling them something that God had impressed on my heart to share.

Many years ago before I started The Marketplace, I studied many different groups to learn about sustainability. I had a 3 week trip planned to go to West Africa; 1 week inSenegal and 2 weeks in Ghana. I remember being in Senegal, being so lonely and mind you this was before everyone and their grandma had a smart phone, I thought why did I leave my family to do all of this research. Was it worth it? As I unpacked my suitcase, I saw a letter. I opened and read it. If was from my son Nick. He said, "I already miss you but I know why you go. You are helping the poor and they need you. I love you. Nick". Well, I lost it but it made me feel good to know that he supported what I did. What was important to me was also important to him. I still have that letter.

God wanted me to impress on the moms in the room that their most important job is to raise the next generation of world changers. Don't tell them how to do it, model it. Many times kids don't listen but they sure watch. As I was thinking about my post this morning, I felt God say, "Someone needs to hear that today." When you don't feel like what you do as a mom is making a difference, know this you have the potential to make a world of difference. 


The Rolling Shack's exciting year!


51#therollingshackshow‘s in 2016. WHAT?!?! It's all a blur!! From April to last Saturday, we took the show on the road. We met thousands of awesome people and shared stories of what God is doing around the world. We have sold in 100 degree weather down to 22 degrees! When we weren’t taking her out, we were in Charlotte at The Southern Women’s Show and our fav The Southern Christmas Show. While all this was going on, our Oak Street location was open 10-6 Monday thru Saturday! Folks, all of our truck shows and festivals are done for the year! We are now in house at the Oak Street for the rest of 2016! If you shopped us on the Shack or at one of our shows, we wanted to thank you! If you need anything, you can drop by our store (Mon-Sat 10-6), call us and we can ship, or shop on the website! Tis the season for it to get CRAZY in the store!!


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