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I meet a lot of people between the store, the shows, and the Rolling Shack. There has been a reoccurring theme I keep hearing over and over that I want to debunk right now! You are beautiful. Period. You guys constantly beat yourselves up. Stop it. I mean it!!

Do you know why I design clothing? Because honestly I am sick of some of the stuff out there. Some clothing barely covers things that need to be covered. Or it's made out of cheap material that would not stand up to a couple of washings. But the real reason is I want you guys to love yourselves. I want you to put on the Hepburn dress and say, "Wow I look great!"

You know when we got invited to the Embassy party in La Paz Bolivia, we didn't have the dress fully completed yet! YIKES!! I tried it on in the workshop with socks on and I was freezing! So as I was getting ready for the Embassy party and threw the dress on, put on jewelry, and put my sling backs on, I really saw it for the first time stylized. I have to be honest. I started crying. I felt beautiful. I wanted everyone who put this dress on to feel beautiful.

I have watched woman after woman try this dress on and smile at herself in the mirror. We hit a home run with this dress. People hear me- when the world tells you that you are not enough - tell the world to shut up! You are the daughter of the one true King and He loves you even if you have a couple of cookies too many. Life is too short to be miserable!

The Hepburn Dress by SutiSana is now back in stock! Put it on and be amazed!!


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