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Mumbai has one of Asia's largest red-light districts.

Trafficking of minor girls is a $1-billion-a-year industry in Mumbai.

The average price of sex in the red-light district is $8.
These statistics are rather chilling. I know sometimes when you hear such daunting figures your 1st reaction is to shut down. “What can I do?” Actually, you can do quite a bit. You can partner with organizations that are on the ground. International Sanctuary (ISanctuary Mumbai) is a group that goes into Mumbai and meets the woman where she is at. They walk alongside her as she begins her long journey towards restoration. They offer shelter, training, counseling, employment, and more importantly they love her as Jesus would. Purpose is the income generating project that helps build dignity and empowers her to start re-building her life.
So, let me tell you about the beautiful jewelry that they make. It’s simple. It’s timeless. It’s elegant. I love how the pieces are understated and would be something that I would wear for a long time to come. You have been asking for rings and know that I have heard you! They make a beautiful ring called the Current. You will definitely want to own one in silver and gold.
We are excited to announce our new partnership with Purpose! Now available at our Oak Street location and online.



New Artisan Alert: Mission to El Salvador

March 16 ·

NEW COUNTRY AND NEW GROUP ALERT!! Imagine a 10 year old girl living on the streets. No one take care of her. She sniffs glue to get high and numb the hunger pain she feels. She does what she has to to survive and in many cases she is abused and preyed upon. This story can honestly be from any undeveloped country anywhere in the world. But in this instance, this is Angela's story and she lives in San Salvador in El Salvador. She is one of the lucky ones. She was introduced to Mission to El Salvador and that's where her story changes. Mission to El Salvador is all about relationship building and community engagement. They work to discover and address core issues of inner city poverty in order to restore dignity and safety to hurting and exploited Salvadorans. What we love is not only are they concerned with physical and mental needs, they are also focused on sharing Jesus.

One of their initiatives is creating cards. They do something very interesting called quilling. What's that? It's where you take strips of paper and you roll it and create decorative designs. I fell in love with not only the design but what the card represented, giving someone hope, dignity, and a chance at a new life.

We are excited to have Mission to El Salvador join The Marketplace family! Come to the Oak Street location and check it out!! Cost? $5 Gotta say my favorite is the little duck. What a cute baby shower card!


Committed to More Than A Prayer

Why do I love the Committed Necklace by Eden Ministry? Because of what it means. I get to wear this beautiful necklace and pray for the woman who has the solid heart piece from the center. This woman was rescued from trafficking in Asia. I get to link arms with her and pray for her healing and restoration. While we may never meet, we are all part of the same family. The beauty behind prayer is that I don't even have to know her name, because He does. The Committed Necklace has become a favorite in The Marketplace. Women hear the story and no one is ever the same. It touches a place so deep in us. Then she usually picks up a couple, one for her and one for her dear girlfriend. "She will love the necklace and the story." As we head into February, we highlight the Committed Necklace. While it was made by someone who is rescued from trafficking the hope is one day we will live in a world where trafficking doesn't exist. Available at the Oak Street and online!

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